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The WEB QTH of  Amateur Radio Station W1NR

Check out all the latest DX spots on my DX Spider server via telnet at dx.w1nr.net or WEB cluster JAVA applet at www.w1nr.net.

Keep your time syncronized.  How many times have you been hit with the time being off in your logs or your DX cluster node?  Set your NTP client to timelord.w1nr.net and worry more about chasing DX!

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Spam Issues: Due to the enormous amounts of spam hitting my email server (over 100 per day) I have had to take drastic measures to try and combat it.  The mail server for w1nr.net now utilizes real time black lists (DNSRBL) to stop spammers from sending mail.  If you have gotten a "bounce" message trying to send mail to me, it is possible that your ISP has been placed on one or more of these lists.  Please forward the entire bounce message to your ISP and ask that THEY resolve the issue directly with the listing organization contained in the message.  You can also "try" to send me an email to w1nr (at) arrl (dot) net and ask that I configure an exception rule for you.





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