My QTH is located on one of the highest points in Marlborough, Massachusetts, 500 ft. above sea level in grid square FN42fi.  Node hardware consists of a 2.4 GHz P4, a 250GB software RAID 1 array and openSuSE Linux version 10.3 with backup power supplied by 1400 VA and 700VA UPS.  Internet access is provided by Cyberonic through a 4000/768 kbps ADSL line with a static IP address block and a Cisco ASA firewall/router. RF access is via an Icom IC2100H running 50W, an MFJ 1270C TNC and a Hustler G7-144 base station antenna mounted to the roof of my house.  Currently, the node serves this WEB site, email, ftp archives and a DXSpider packet cluster node available via telnet at dx.w1nr.net or via 1200 baud packet radio on 145.650 MHz.  Member YCCC Packet Spotting Network.

NTP stratum 2 time server is timelord.w1nr.net.

Photos coming soon!